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About Us

Our Creator

Kids Zip Sheets is the brain child of a young Australian Mum, that originated from a camping trip back in 2011.  Her children always kicked their sheets off and slid around in their sleeping bags so to keep them from getting cold, she and her husband came up with the idea of designing a secure cover for the kids that would prevent them from kicking off the sheets. The initial design was made from a single sheet with releasable clasps that clipped onto the camping stretcher beds that we could then place the sleeping bag over the top like a duvet.  Just as expected, it worked like a charm and prevented the kids from kicking them off and kept them warm all night. She then realised that the next best place for this genius invention – was home! After making a few modifications so that the sheets fitted securely to a bed mattress, Kids Zip Sheets was conceived and ready for home use in 2013.  Kids Zip Sheets have expanded internationally and are now sold in New Zealand, Australia, UK and USA.

The Concept

A Kids Zip Sheet has zips positioned on each side of the mattress ensures that your child can use the maximum space on the surface of their mattress. If we put them on top this would dramatically reduce the space that they have to move about and they don’t get in the way of your child sleeping.  The overall presentation is nice and neat and you can’t even see the zips.


This product was Patented on 9th May 2013 and prohibits others from manufacturing, using and/or selling this invention in Australia and New Zealand without our company’s consent. Any breaches of this Patent will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.