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Caravan Zip Sheets

Caravan Zip Sheets

Our Caravan Zip Sheets are specially designed to make the lives of caravanners much easier. These sheets will keep your kids covered all through the night and keep you sane while making those bunk beds. A must-have for a stress-free road trip holiday!

Caravan Sheets: The best sheets for caravanners

Traveling on the road with your family is supposed to be a great experience, but regular bed sheets can get in the way. Any parent who has ever tucked their kid on a caravan bunk bed knows just how much time, effort and patience is required for this fairly simple task. Regular sheets can also get tangled in your kid’s legs or kicked off, leading to their discomfort.

Our Caravan Sheets are designed to meet the needs of caravanners.They make it very easy for you to tuck your kids in their bunks, no huffing and puffing needed! They will also keep your kids comfortable and covered all night long. These sheets ensure everyone stays in a good mood and gets a good night’s sleep!

Made for bunks

We placed the zips at the top of our sheets to make it easier for your kids to pull them up or down. No matter how boxy your caravan bunk frames are, your kids will be able to tuck themselves easily into bed every single time.

Kid-friendly design

Keep those fun family road trips coming with our superior quality sheets. We use YKK zippers that are not only easy for little fingers to hold and pull but also proven to last for years. Choose from our white, grey, or blue sheets to match your kids’ mood, or favourite colour for that week.

Sleep safely on the road

Zip up our sheets all the way to the top to keep your kids covered through the night. This will prevent them from kicking off, or getting their legs tangled in their sheets, lessening their chances of falling off from their bunks. If you want your whole family to sleep safely and soundly on the road, our Caravan Sheets are for you.

What else makes them so good?

Our Caravan Sheets come in breathable fabrics to ensure the comfort of your kids while they sleep.

Our sheets also offer several; practical benefits that make them a must-have item for any caravan enthusiast.

These machine-wash friendly sheets require no ironing so you can save time and effort.

And because the sheets are attached together, you only need drying space for one sheet instead of two. You’ll have an easier time finding space to dry these sheets no matter how limited the drying room is in your caravan site.

Designed for caravan bunks

Our caravan sets are a little different to our Kids Zip Sheets for home use in that the zippers are placed on the top of the mattress rather than along the sides so that you can easily access them due to the box like construction of caravan bunks. However, please check the size of your Caravan Bunk beds! These sheets have been designed in Australia and may not fit British vans. Please check before purchase.

Breathable and comfortable

Our sheets are made from 100% cotton and 100% cotton flannelette fabrics to keep your kids feeling comfortable and fresh while they sleep. Just lay another sheet on top for an extra layer of warmth during chilly nights.

Parent-friendly too

Just slip the fitted sheet over the mattress and voila! New sheets without the stress! Our machine-wash friendly sheets don’t even need to be ironed, so you can have more time exploring the outdoors with your kids. Drying these sheets is easier since you only need space for one sheet instead of two separate sheets.

Essential gear for a fun, safe road adventure

Traveling on the road can be challenging at times, so we designed our Caravan Sheets to make it easier for you.

These sheets will make your kids think they are using a sleeping bag. You can expect less power struggles whenever you ask them to make their bed every morning because, really, what could be more fun than zipping up your sheets? They’re perfect for teaching your kids to be independent too!

But more than the fun factor, our sheets will give you peace of mind that your kids are getting the sleep they need. They will keep them covered throughout the night and limit their exposure to the cold and insect bites!

If you want your family to sleep better on your next adventure, try our Caravan Sheets. These sheets will ensure your family’s trips are fun and safe, for many miles to come.