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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are they – sheets or blankets?

    They are sheets. We intentionally designed them as sheets so you can use them all throughout the year. Just lay your blanket or duvet on top of our Zip Sheets for extra warmth. These sheets will also prevent your top covers from falling off the bed.

  • Are there zips all around the sheet?

    No, there aren’t. There are two 70cm long zips on both sides at the top part of the sheets. This allows your kids to zip themselves in and out with ease. The base of the top sheet is sewn onto the fitted sheet and the remaining sides. An unsewn portion between the bottom corner of the sheet and where the zip ends is for ventilation.

  • How are the cot sizes and the larger sets different?

    Our cot sets are furnished with press studs to facilitate the short sheeting of the top sheet. There are different pre-set positions for you to choose from. For parents with younger children, fold the top sheet all the way to the bottom and secure using the first set of press studs. This ensures your toddler stays at the base of the cot. As they get bigger and older, adjust the fold of the top sheet and the press studs until they are using the entire top sheet.

  • Do you offer layby?

    No we do not offer layby.  We do offer Afterpay.

  • How is the top sheet attached to the fitted sheet?

    We have sewn the top sheet to the fitted sheet. We double-stitched the two for extra strength.

          Wash them as you wash your regular sheets. Just make sure the zips              are done up before you dump them in the wash. Hang them on a                      clothesline to dry. Never tumble dry or else these sheets may shrink.

  • Product Testing
    Toys and other articles intended for use by children under 3 need to pass various tests to ensure there is no choking, aspiration or ingestion hazard.  They also have to be tested for toxicity to ensure they haven’t been made with harmful chemicals and metals.  These chemicals and metals may be found in the Proposition 65 Chemicals List which is a universal list of all the fatal and cancerous compounds found in the production of many products.
    Consumer Testing Technology Co. Ltd has conducted the following test methods; CPSC-CH-E1003-09.1, CPSC-CH-E1001-08-03, CPSC-CH-E1002-08, CPSC-CH-E100109.3, CPSC16CFR1501.  Kids Zip Sheets are free from Lead, toxic Metals and Phthalates.

    Our sheets DO NOT pose a choking, aspiration or ingestion hazard.