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Kids Zip Sheets

Kids Zip Sheets

Well-rested kids are happier and healthier kids. Make sure your kids are getting the rest they need with our Kids Zip Sheets. These zippered sheets will keep them covered so you can say goodbye to sleepless nights and interrupted sleep caused by fallen, kicked off and tangled sheets!

Kids Zip Sheets: The best kids sheets ever invented

With so many kids sheets out there to pick from, including so many colours, designs & prints, you could spend all day shopping. In fact it wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say there’s almost as many sheets to choose from as there are kids! 

If it’s been on television or on the big screen, then it’s also been likely to have been replicated as a print, a design or a theme on a set of kid’s sheets. While all these colourful, fun looking themes might pass the fun test, do they serve a purpose or solve a problem?

Covered and tucked-in, all night

Our sheets are designed to keep your little ones comfortable and covered in their beds from the time they sleep until the time they wake up. These sheets effectively prevent them from tangling in their sheets and kicking off their covers, which will leave them exposed to the cold. Get a good night’s sleep – for you and your kids – with our Kids Zip Sheets.

Comfortable, soft cotton material

Our sheets are made from 100% cotton and 100% flannelette cotton fabrics so your kids will be comfortable throughout the night.

Designed with kids in mind

Our premium white and cool grey sheets lend an elegant ambience to your kid’s room, while our aqua, bright blue, and fuchsia pink sheets will surely brighten up their mood! We also use Japan-made YKK zippers on our sheets not only because they’re world-renowned for their durability, but also because they are easy for kids to grasp and pull. The colour of the zips matches that of the sheets.

What else makes them so good?

Just like the other kids sheets, our Kids Zip Sheets are available in fun colours and made with soft, breathable fabrics. But unlike other kids sheets, our Kids Zip Sheets guarantee your kids will sleep comfortably, all throughout the night.

Other kids sheets are prone to getting tangled in your kid’s legs or kicked out of bed. Either way, they leave your kids exposed to the cold, which can ruin their sleep, and yours too.

Our Kids Zip Sheets come with a fitted sheet and flat sheet sewn together at the base and partly on both sides. Zips on both sides join the fitted sheet and flat sheet.

Whether your kid chooses to zip themselves up completely or partially, or not zip them at all, their legs and feet will be covered. Plus, making the bed every morning is as easy as pulling zippers!

Make bed-making fun

If bed-making is a chore your kids don’t look forward to, our sheets will change that! These sheets were designed to make bed-making fun and easy that your kids might just consider it their new favourite task every morning! All they have to do is pull up the zipper – there’s one on each side – and voila! No need to tuck in sheets, ever.

Tidy beds in a breeze

Neat beds are just a couple of zips away with our Kids Zip Sheets. If you want to save time and effort during hectic mornings, our sheets are for you

Super convenient

Our Kids Zip Sheets are machine wash-friendly. Just dump them in the wash and dry according to instructions. Our sheets also ensure you won’t have to spend another minute of your life tucking beds. Take that, bunks!

Kid’s Zip Sheets aren’t merely a concept; They’re an absolute necessity

Many kids love the idea of sleeping in a sleeping bag, so we took that concept and stretched it a little bit further.

We designed our sheets for the convenience and enjoyment of kids and their parents.

Whether your kid is aged two or 12 years old, our Kids Zip Sheets will keep them safe, secure and comfortable through the night. If their covers are always falling off the bed leading to interrupted sleep for the whole family, try our Kids Zip Sheets. These sheets may just be the sleeping solution you’re looking for.

There are countless kids sheets available in the market, but what makes our Kids Zip Sheets stand out is their function. They were designed for a bigger purpose other than making your kid’s bed attractive, and that is what makes them the best Kids Zip Sheets.