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Bed Sheets: A Brief History and its Evolution


History reveals an interesting journey on how beds and bed sheets evolved throughout time. Life was indeed simple but style was always considered as the main factor when it came to beds and bed linens. The Middle Ages was considered the most beautiful era in history. Beds during this period were made out of feather. Bed sheets, on the other hand, were made out of silk, especially for the rich and powerful people. The 12th century introduced bed frames made out of wood as well as the use of cotton, cotton sateen and bamboo polyester for bed sheets. More luxurious beddings were introduced in the 17th century. Beds and bed linens were decorated with gold and silver threads. Pearl even decorated most of the beds and beddings of the rich people. Luxury bed sheets were also introduced during this time up until the 18th century.

Over the 20th century, materials used for beddings and bed sheets evolved into beddings that incorporated down comforters, luxurious duvet covers, microfibres, flannelettes and an array of different other fabrics. Luxury bedding is still coveted by the rich and famous but the realisation of the importance of comfort was already starting to sink in.
At present the bed sheet market has evolved into offering microfibre that proves to be a soft and durable alternative compared to the other materials that we are used to using when it comes to beddings and sheets.

Microfibre are composed of finely woven fibers that can be adjusted in thickness as per requirement. They can also be made from wood pulp, polyester and nylon polymers. They are very thin but strong and very smooth and comfortable to use.

From the users’ point of view, the quality of the bed sheets made from microfibres is uncompromised and promises nothing less but the best experience. Bed sheets are indeed an investment that will be used for many years, thus investing in microfibre sheets is something worth considering if you want sheets that are attractive, easy to care for and most of all, soft and comfortable. History is now a part of the past. The future of the bedding and bed sheets industry is enjoying the benefits of the microfibre.