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Christmas is coming!

Christmas is fast approaching and I know there is still 10 weeks to go but just like the year to date, time is flying.  If your household is like mine, Santa will be hiding the presents all over the house praying they won’t be found until that very special day.

We usually spend the night before frantically wrapping and praying that ripping the tape from the tape dispenser won’t suddenly wake the kids.  We delicately tip toe the presents to the tree and my husband drinks the milk and eats whatever the dog hasn’t already eaten from the side plate on the table where we have our Christmas tree.

Last year we actually hid some presents and totally forgot about them – but it wasn’t a complete waste; my daughter’s birthday is in February so I put down to ‘good planning’ on my part.

One year, about three years ago, my youngest decided to wake up at 4.00 a.m. and started opening all the presents. He was only 3 so he couldn’t read who’s present was who’s – and it was one of those moments that was just so ‘cute’ but so ‘upsetting’ at the same time.

The noise woke us up so that made for an interesting morning when his sister woke up to discover some of her presents had been opened by none other than the ‘little brother’.

Now while I’m on the topic of presents, I usually don’t participate in the ‘Christmas sales’ as such because kids want toys and fun stuff for Christmas, not zippered bed sheets – but I can’t help but say that Kids Zip Sheets really do make a practical useful present which will get used day in and day out.  You won’t be wasting your money.  You’ll be investing in your family, and your family’s sleep.

Mind you, having a Kids Zip Sheet is a fun thing as well; your littlies will love zipping themselves in, and so going to bed is exciting.  Odds are they’ll enjoy going to bed !!  There’s nothing like a Kids Zip Sheet; there are just so many benefits

We’ll be having a pre-Christmas sale starting soon so, stay tuned!

Love from Kids Zip Sheets