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Easter Day and Easter Egg Hunt

Once again, it is that time of the year for reflection and for catching up with our spiritual side. Lent may seems to be a time to connect with friends and families or a time to go out and enjoy the sun. But, for some, lent is the time to go back and catch up with our spiritual side.

Of course, one of the things worth looking forward to during lent season is Easter Day! It’s a sign of new hope and a celebration of new life. And for kids, Easter is the time for Easter Egg Hunts!

Kids all over the world would definitely look forward waking up early on this special Sunday morning and would gear up with their baskets to attend the nearest Easter Egg Hunt in the neighborhood.

Eggs of different prints, colors and design are creatively tucked under bushes, flower beds and trees. Easter egg hunt organizers have spent hours and hours decorating eggs with the aim of getting smiles and giggles in return come hunting time.

Other places on the other hand offer hand painting activities for kids. Here children of all ages can decorate their own Easter Eggs. An Easter Egg Hunt usually follows after such activities. A special appearance of the Easter Bunny is also one of the much anticipated activities in such events.

So prepare your baskets and glitter up those eggs with just a few days away from Easter. Happy Easter everyone from Kids Zip Sheets!