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Essentials for Transitioning Your Kids from Kindy to Big School

The days really fly so fast. I can still feel the warmth and the fun that the Holiday Season has offered just a month ago and now, January is about to reach its end.

Kids here in Queensland are going back to school in a few days and helping kids move up from Kindy to Big School is one of the exciting milestones parents look forward to this year.

Sleep is very essential to kids, thus it is very important to help them achieve undisturbed and complete sleep all the time to help their brain development progress.

Concentration is another aspect in a child’s growth and is also very important during growing years and can only be achieved with the good night sleep Kids Zip Sheets offers. Order a set of Kids Zip Sheets today and have them ready on the bed for day 1 at big school.

Our young five and six year old Preppies will be faced with new changes and adapting to the new environment, friends, study habits and the experience as a whole will require their full attention and focus, something they can only achieve if they have enough sleep and has enough energy to last the whole time at school.

For parents, preparing your kids’ stuff for school is a mix of fun and stress. You can easily grab school shoes at, or at

It would also be helpful to label school items so that everything that goes to school, comes home from school. School hats that often go missing can be labeled with a white out pen to relieve you from the stress of having to locate this or buy another one.

Preparing your children emotionally is another factor to be considered. Assure them that they are safe at school and will be enjoying time together with other kids learning new fun things.

Always make sure that their confidence levels are high before and after going to school. Give them credit for achievements and always be aware of the things that they did at school.

When the big day arrives in just a week’s time, don’t forget to take a photo with your kids, in full uniform and with their backpack on and cherish the new milestone that you have shared together as parent and child.