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Trending Accessories and Furniture for Your Kids Bedroom for 2016

Christmas is just a few days away and the New Year is just right around the corner. New trends in home décor and design are about to grace magazine covers and blogs in no time.  This includes the latest design, décor and accessories for your bedrooms as well.

Bright colors and shades of blue dominated many kids rooms this 2015. Pastel colors and cool hues of blue will still crossover and be a trend this coming 2016. Pink will be in demand in rooms and living areas as well this coming New Year.

Besides color, accessories and decors will also dominate this year’s trend in children room’s décor. Some pieces of furniture and accessories to look forward to are the following.


Desks will become a vital part of bedrooms nowadays since kids are already starting to lean into computers as well as art projects like clays and the like. Desks that also offer extra storage spaces will be a common staple in kid’s bedrooms this 2016.

Innovative Bed Sheets

Growing kids have growing responsibilities as well. One includes fixing their bed. Having Kids Zip Sheets for their beds allows them to easily fix their bed as soon as they get up every morning. They will also love the comfort and relaxing sleep that they get to enjoy when covered with these warm, comfortable and colorful bed sheets.

Colorful Night Lamps

Some small kids have a hard time sleeping alone in bed during night. To help them feel relaxed and comfortable even if they are alone inside their rooms, colorful light lamps can be installed inside their rooms to give them a sleeping companion at night. Some lamps are even capable of turning off by themselves when set at a specific time.

Wall Decals

Wall decals and stickers are also one of the favorite and preferred decors for children’s room nowadays. They are easy to install and they last long as well. Design ranges from animals to flowers, fairies and some can be even customized according to your children’s preference.

Your kid’s rooms can be stylish, fun and relaxing at the same time with these cool and fun ideas included in your New Year’s list for the things and accessories that you will include in your children’s room.